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Heart ‘s acidity

December 15th, 2009 by info

 Heart ‘s acidity

Those who do constant maintenance work on the heart, removing its acidity, are able to neutralize many opportunities for conflict, because they are utilizing their emotional and spiritual reality.

The neglect of spiritual health leads to the development of emotional difficulties. Criticizing others effectively is the best means for the removal of acidity from the heart.

The heart,like any living organism, needs a balanced flow. When we allow feelings to remain blocked inside the heart, we suffer from a form of obesity, of retention. Everyone has felt this. Perhaps from a sincere motivation we have at times tried to correct another person. Because correction is not easily carried out, such efforts often end badly.

When someone sees defects in another person and comes to dislike him because of this weaknesses, he himself certainly possesses something of these same defects. Thus, criticize yourself first for seeing defects, and only then, being in a state of relative impurity, criticize the other. In this way , you will not hate the other, but will care about him.

So, knowing how to criticize means we have to know how to analyze two questions. The first, as we saw, is whether or not we can enter into discord with integrity, “I being I because I am I”. The second is whether or not the other party is in a corresponding situation, if “ he is he because he is he.” If this is not the case,we must give up on the criticism. Understanding this prevents many of the bad experiences we have with reproving other people.


“Be wise in your criticism,or you will do more evil than good .”

Include yourself in any criticism you may make. Criticism brings from Heaven contentment and blessings.

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